Barry R. Jones

My work deals with social and political issues, most recently by exploring my role as an artist living in a particular community (Clarksville, TN) and as a father. Visually, I work with animation and the written word in large scale indoor and outdoor projections.

My work records my efforts to teach my children empathy and morals (Lesson 1, 2014) and give voice to members of my community (Common Hope, 2013) and those whose voice is often ignored (Voices, 2006). I hope to live an ethical life and to meet my responsibilities to others. This goal has led to a collection of stories, poems, and texts the serve as a source to my work.

I feel it is important to present my work in public non-art venues whenever possible in order to widen its audience and to situate myself and the work in a particular place. I use a simple system of portable batteries, projectors, and speakers to create ephemeral public experiences and to appropriate public space.